10 Places in Jacksonville to Grab a Beer


If you’re looking for a great place to grab a pint with friends or are searching for a new date spot, these ten places in Jacksonville to grab a beer range from dive bars to breweries, hookah bars to institutional landmarks. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re serving up ice-cold brews at even cooler prices.

10. Mellow Mushroom

Pizzeria Mellow Mushroom prides themselves on their unique and diverse selection of beer, from tap to bottle to can. From premium imports to local favorites, Mellow Mushroom takes craft brews seriously, and we’re all very grateful for it – and you can find them throughout Florida.

9. The Casbah Café

Hookahs, belly dancing, and great drinks, The Casbah Café has it all. Their beer selection changes according to seasonal availability, but their brews are always top notch and the atmosphere is unbeatable. The cultural experience found at The Casbah Café sets it apart from other bars in the city.

8. Underbelly

Music venue Underbelly is known for being one of the greatest places to take in a show, but it’s also a great place to grab a beer with friends. If you’re looking to party tonight, Underbelly is the place to go. As they say so themselves “Because when you’re here, you’re home.”


7. Burro Bar

Sometimes all you need is a dive bar with up-and-coming local bands and craft brews, which is exactly what Burro Bar offers. Often deemed the coolest place in the city, the crowds at Burro Bar are just as awesome as the music and the beers. Also, all drafts are $3.00 during happy hour.

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6. Monkey’s Uncle Tavern

Monkey’s Uncle Tavern is a fun spot any day of the week, with nightly drink specials and activities that include bingo, trivia, and karaoke. Not to mention the fact that happy hour lasts from 11am to 7pm. Priding themselves on being a staple in the nightlife scene, Monkey’s Uncle Tavern is one place you can’t miss.

5. European Street Café

It’s a perfect day to dine outside. Three of our locations can accommodate that. The other has The Worst Table, so take your pick.

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With four locations across Jacksonville, European Street Café has mastered good food and great beers. With a list of over two hundred brews, you can enjoy a pint from anywhere and everywhere in the world, including Sri Lanka, Lebanon, and Turkey.

4. Aardwolf Brewing Company

Family-friendly and dog-friendly brewpub Aardwolf Brewing Company is a hot spot in Jacksonville for so many reasons, but most prominently because of their extensive and eclectic beer list, with great names like ‘Barley Legal’, ‘Hipster Popsicle’, and ‘Early Bird Special’.

3. Bold City Brewery

Locally owned and operated by a family that knows their stuff when it comes to beer, Bold City Brewery focuses on craft brews. Their ‘Mad Manatee IPA’ includes four hop varieties, while ‘Big John’s Apricot Wheat’ is the perfect summer beer.

2. Kickbacks Gastropub

Kickbacks Gastropub not only has one of the biggest beer selections in Jacksonville, but also makes the list as one of the biggest and best in the world. Kickbacks Gastropub also boasts twenty televisions to watch your favourite game as you enjoy an ice-cold pint.


1. Pete’s Bar

Pete’s Bar is one of those classic places that will never get old, regardless of its age. Being the first legally sanctioned bar and package store since the 1920 prohibition, Pete’s is also a landmark. If you’re from Jacksonville, you have a great story that involves this beloved establishment, and if you don’t, head there tonight to make a story of your own.

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