Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty is pleased to welcome Nicole Bishop to the Metropolitan office with locations in Avondale and San Marco.


As a Realtor, Nicole’s goal is to help her clients – whether buyers or sellers – avoid as many stressors as possible during each real estate transaction. She states, “I want to help my clients avoid some of the pitfalls, misunderstandings, frustrations, and problems that I have encountered in my own home buying experience, and to help improve upon the good experiences I’ve had.”

With previous experience as a Realtor at a local real estate company, Nicole is taking her skills in real estate to a new level by joining the San Marco office of Florida Network Realty. Her goal as a Realtor is to create strong relationships with her clients that leave them feeling confident about the real estate process.

Before becoming a Realtor, Nicole was a local business owner – owning and operating a cosmetic and beauty store for eight years. During this time, Nicole received many awards and trips for being top in sales, and sales increase for her area and nationally.

When asked why she became a Realtor, Nicole states, “So many things have pointed me in the direction of being a Realtor. For years I’ve dreamed about getting into the real estate market, and have purchased property for resale at a profit, and have owner-built a home,” she continues, “In 2016 it became apparent that my husband and I would be moving and relocating, and I began learning everything there was to learn about the market, house hunting, and the process of buying and selling. Working with my Realtor on our relocation, I began to feel confident that I could not only get my license to become a Real Estate Agent but could also provide excellent service.

When not working, Nicole loves to get outside and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Northeast Florida – boating with her family, snorkeling, stand up paddleboarding, and kayaking. Nicole and her husband also enjoy riding motorcycles – she started riding in 2014, and Nicole loves that sense of freedom and empowerment it provides. One of Nicole’s newest hobbies is photography and she enjoys learning how to better capture her subjects. Pictures of nature, sunrises and sunsets, shorelines, boats, and the bridges of Northeast Florida are just some of Nicole’s favorite things to photograph.

“Please join me in welcoming Nicole to the San Marco office. With Nicole’s strong background in sales, both as a Realtor and as a business owner, she has the skills to help her clients through each and every real estate transaction. I am excited that she has joined Florida Network Realty, and she is ready to take her career to the next level,” shares Josh Cohen, Broker/Manager of the Metropolitan office of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty with locations in Avondale and San Marco.

For more information, Nicole can be reached by phone at 386.804.8977 or at and website: The Metropolitan offices in Avondale and San Marco are located at 3627 St. Johns Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32205 and 1983 San Marco Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32207.

AVONDALE – BEYOND THE FRONT DOORS: Prudential Network Realty Shares Some of Avondale’s Greatest Finds

Over the years, Avondale has evolved into one of Northeast Florida’s most desired communities, offering residents trendy shopping opportunities and charming neighborhoods adorned with homes that sit on shady tree-lined streets. Coupling architectural design elements with modern conveniences, Avondale draws the eye to the homes’ exterior but most people don’t realize that it’s the inside of the homes that have a story of their own to tell. Beyond the front doors lies some of Avondale’s greatest gems. From unique art pieces to restored items found in the home’s attic, the real estate experts at Prudential Network Realty share why it is really what’s on the inside that counts.

“Avondale is like a great book,” said Prudential Network Realty Founder, President and CEO Linda H. Sherrer. “The outside of the book entices the reader, but it’s the inside, filled with character, details and surprises, that keeps the reader interested.”

Did you know…1453 Belvedere Avenue is a true work of art?

Art comes in many forms, but for this home, it comes in the form of beautiful stained-glass windows. So put away your paintings and store bought frames because the decorating has already been taken care of for you. One of the former owners, a stained-glass artisan by trade, designed and fabricated the stained and lead glass windows to fit specifically to the home’s sunroom.

“One of the greatest features of a historical home is that intricate details implemented by former owners will be passed down for years to come,” said Sheron Willson, broker/manager of Prudential Network Realty’s Avondale office. “The beautiful stained-glass windows are unique and one-of-a-kind.”

Did you know…1456 Avondale Avenue features restored cabinets discovered in the home’s attic?

That’s right. When rummaging through the home which was built in 1924, the homeowners came across old cabinets that had been left in the attic. Wanting to incorporate pieces of the home’s history, they used the lead glass doors as cabinets in the kitchen.

“These homeowners, like many in the area, value the history that came with the home,” said Willson. “This is a perfect example of how one man’s forgotten items can be another man’s treasure.”

Did you know…3011 Riverside Avenue was once holy ground?

Built in 1906, this home served as the manse for First Presbyterian Church downtown when Rev. A. C. Holt opened his home for church services so that the community would have somewhere to worship. Continuing the tradition, for the past 10 years the current homeowners have hosted a community outreach for the Riverside United Church of Christ, singing for those enjoying the Luminaire during December.

“Avondale offers residents more than just a neighborhood,” said Willson. “Residents are given the opportunity to be a part of a community and a place where people care about one another. This home has always provided that and will continue to do so for many years to come.”

Prudential Network Realty’s Avondale office was recently acknowledged with a Round Table Award for the third consecutive year which recognizes the team’s knowledge and dedication to the community. The Avondale Realtors continue to contribute in positioning Prudential Network Realty as an industry leader; ranking No. 1 in the area for many years with the area’s most experienced real estate professionals.

“Avondale offers a glimpse into the past while incorporating a very cool vibe,” said Christy Budnick, executive vice president of residential real estate, Prudential Network Realty. “Buyers have an incredible selection of home types and prices, from large waterfront homes to bungalows and condos. It is a special place where neighbors are friends and everyone appreciates the community’s history.”

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  1. Prudential Network Realty Founder, President and CEO Linda H. Sherrer and Christy Budnick, executive vice president of residential real estate, Prudential Network Realty
  2. 1453 Belvedere Avenue Exterior – Prudential Network Realty’s Elizabeth Meux, (904) 388-5005
  3. 1453 Belvedere Avenue Stained Glass
  4. 1456 Avondale Avenue Exterior – Prudential Network Realty’s Elizabeth Meux, (904) 388-5505
  5. 1456 Avondale Avenue Kitchen Cabinets
  6. 3011 Riverside Avenue Exterior – Prudential Network Realty’s Elizabeth Meux and Claire Autrey, (904) 388-5005

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