About Jamie Smith

Why Jamie Smith, a Single Agent?

Most people are amazed to learn that in Florida real estate law, all agents are presumed to be working in what’s legally defined as a "Transaction Broker" relationship, meaning agents on both sides of a deal work as "neutral parties" just mediating on behalf of the TRANSACTION, not their friends/customers.  Meaning that legally, they are not working for their customer, they’re working instead for the "transaction."  It's hard to believe but almost all agents and real estate brokerages operate this way, offering that limited relationship.  But Jamie's firm is different and opperate as what state law defines as a "Single Agent," the highest level of client representation permitted by law.  As a Single Agent, I’m legally permitted and obligated to have a "fiduciary" relationship with our clients.  That means I can and must provide four things others Realtor relationships do not legally offer— 1) full DISCLOSURE, 2) full CONFIDENTIALITY, 3) OBEDIENCE and 4) LOYALTY to clients, working as an “advocate" who can guide them through negotiations.  In our industry, this is a big deal!

Check out the following link from Florida Real Estate School for clarification and more details on Single Agent vs Transaction Broker 

Jamie Smith has sold tens of millions worth of new homes in the past few years, becoming an expert in guiding BUYERS through the new home sales processes.  He's also listed/sold existing homes for SELLERS from under two-hundred thousand to homes well into the million-dollar sale prices.  A native New Yorker, Jamie moved from Philadelphia to Ponte Vedra Beach and quickly fell in love with the lifestyle of driving his family's personal golf cart to the beach and back home from the 18th green.  He eventually mastered the ins and outs of the Jacksonville Region and what makes this area tick during his years as a television news anchor and reporter.  If you want to know what your home could sell for in today's market of limited inventory or just want to know more about what different neighborhoods have to offer, we recommend Jamie be your guide.