About Robert Mazingo

About Robert

Robert came to Saint Augustine via way of the Midwest.  He grew up and raised his family in Southwestern Michigan.  Robert is a proud Veteran, he spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy.  Where he was a member of The Multi- National Peace Keeping Force in Beirut, Lebanon.  After serving his county Robert spent the next 34 years working for one of the largest LTL trucking companies in the country.  “My number one goal each and everyday was taking care of all my customers.  I always had the mindset that the customer is always the number one priority.”   After a long and rewarding career he retired, packed up and moved to St Augustine.
“I love the St Augustine area, and all its beauty.  The historic old town, with the uniqueness of the many different cultures, and lifestyle’s.   Then add in the ocean and the never ending beaches, and to me it’s a little bit like paradise.”
“Get ahold of me and let me make your dreams come true.”