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10 Ways to create Confidence in Times of Uncertainty

During times of uncertainty, many consumers lack confidence when it comes to buying or selling a home. Whether it’s the fear of the unknown, economic questions, or lack of understanding, there are many reasons why consumers may have doubts when entering a real estate transaction during these times.
By continuing to take responsible business actions and displaying a confident persona, real estate agents can create an atmosphere of assurance and help curb consumer anxiety.
No. 1: Be True to Yourself
Trying to be something you’re not isn’t going to convey confidence. If you see something that’s working now, but it doesn’t “feel” like you, figure out how to adjust it into your wheelhouse.
Also, be authentic about your feelings. You don’t need to be made of steel to succeed in today’s environment. You need to be relatable and understanding of the wide variety of emotions people may be feeling. It’s okay to be there with them and make yourself vulnerable sometimes.
No. 2: Don’t Operate from Fear
Fear leads to anxiety, and anxiety is a deal-killer. Even if you make yourself vulnerable as mentioned above, make sure you’re not coming across as fearful of the unknown.
No. 3: See Things as They Are
There’s a tendency for some people, especially during a crisis, to over exaggerate a problem or minimize it. Neither one builds confidence with consumers. Your best bet is to see things as they are and tell it like it is.
Facts, data, and statistics are your friends right now. Your clients deserve reputable information without conspiracy theories or hidden agendas. So, provide them with real data and information from trusted sources to build confidence.
No. 4: Sharpen Your Business Skills
If you have more “downtime” than usual, one way to cope with not being in control of your environment is to have control over improving your skills. Now is an opportunity to grow as a business professional and bring more to the marketplace when things return to normal. In the process, you’ll be demonstrating your commitment and instilling confidence in both yourself and those working with you.
No. 5: Time Stamp Everything
At this time, everything is moving so fast. Information can become obsolete overnight. The more you can communicate to people that you’re providing them timely information, the more confident they’ll be working with you. So, include those “time stamps” in all the content you create right now.
No. 6: Serve with Love and Compassion
Maya Angelou once said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” The more you can serve your clients and community from a place of love and compassion, the more confidence you’ll naturally create.
Now is not the time to get someone on the phone or a video call and jump into your sales pitch. It’s time to ask a few meaningful questions and then listen. Pay attention to how people are feeling right now, and their confidence in you will soar.
No. 7: Don’t Go Missing
It’s one thing to “hide” from the virus inside your home. It’s another thing altogether to “hide” from your market by pulling back on your marketing and stopping all activity. Your voice needs to be heard right now.
Embrace video. Whether you’re simply showing how you’re working from home, creating DIY projects, providing real estate tips, or market updates, make sure you’re using video! Because now more than ever, it’s a big confidence builder for uncertain consumers seeking guidance.
No. 8: Educate
Are you embracing your role as an educator right now? You can create confidence by screen sharing from inside your MLS. This will demonstrate to clients that transactions are being conducted in your market right now. Some people NEED to make a move at this time and by showing these transactions, you can create confidence among buyers and sellers.
No. 9: Be Adaptable
When you show people that things can be done in a different way than what they expect, you look like a leader and gain their confidence.
No. 10: Do the Right Thing
Always be honest, follow the rules, and work in the best interests of your client.
Follow these guidelines, and you’ll build confidence without a doubt.