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Are you Ready for the Market to Come Back!

Working in sales, you constantly face rejection with leads or transactions. It just comes with the job. How you overcome these setbacks determines whether you will thrive. Having the right focus allows opportunities to turn into appointments, which is where you want to be.

Before you make the next prospecting call, you need to make sure you have your head in the right place. Developing a positive mindset will give you the focus you need and the courage to follow through with the call. That’s the only way you are going to create the appointment.

Here are 4 tips to prepare yourself for prospecting.

  1. Educate, Inform and Serve
    When these times end, and they will, you want to be known as the agent that stayed in touch with useful information about the market, about official announcements, reminders and tips about health, safety, the economy, home improvement, real estate, and so on. How beneficial do you think that would be for your brand, for the future of your business, for your community?
  2. Change Your Intros
    This is a time to be even more real, more personal, and more empathetic. If you go in for the hard sell in any of your communications–phone, text, email, social–you risk losing trust and harming your brand. Instead, start your conversations the way you would with a friend or family member — you’d ask about their loved ones and if they’re safe. You’d offer to be of service. You know how to do this!
  3. Safety First
    As you stay in touch with prospects, clients and your sphere during this time, make sure to adjust your showing and appointment practices based on the official federal, state or regional guidelines. If you’re in a state that still allows showings, for example, ask if clients would be more comfortable with a virtual showing or in-person walkthrough.
  4. Avoid Opinion-Based Conversations
    There’s a lot of fear and misinformation in these times, and things are changing on a daily basis. Move away from talking in generalities about the situation, and come to the table with data about the market to help prospects and clients make informed decisions.


Now, it’s time to take action. Contact us now for help creating your custom action plan.