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Flight to Quality in a Post-COVID-19 World

Real estate is leading the economy out of the recession. There are differences now, but some fundamentals remain the same. Consumers and Realtors have always flourished when a high level of trust exists. It is a symbiotic relationship. More than ever, consumers are looking for the highest level of quality in marketing and sales while maintaining healthy environments and protecting against cyber fraud.  

The strongest Realtors and their Brokerages tend to excel through times of uncertainty. When you combine trust and integrity with highly skilled professionals with robust resources, it minimizes potential stress. It also means a higher success rate, lower cancellation rates, and fewer surprises for buyers and sellers. 

Lean on the power of our Network

In real estate, a flight to quality also includes the services associated with a transaction, allowing the Realtor to act as the Trusted Advisor and provide strong recommendations for a mortgage consultant, title service, property management, home warranty, etc. This trusted network gives consumers the extra benefit of security and time savings.

Quality tech augments quality relationships

During COVID-19, internet usage skyrocketed as teleworkers took their talents to the home office. Realtors have always been proficient at working from home. The best agents and brokerages prepare themselves by utilizing technology that would allow them to operate in a primarily virtual world. The key is to find the right balance between virtual and face-to-face communication. While we are fans of the virtual when appropriate, there is nothing that can replace a face-to-face consultation to get to know someone, and nothing beats stepping over the threshold of your dream house and knowing that you have found your home. Safety and health are always priority one, so it is important to find someone that knows how to operate in both worlds.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a virtual tour must be worth a billion. COVID-19 literally and figuratively clamped down on the amount of foot traffic touring homes, so if you can’t bring buyers to a home, you have to bring the home to buyers — and the best way to do that is with a virtual tour and private video tours. An agent who is tech-savvy with a fresh approach is also more likely to be selected by sellers than someone with a stale listing strategy.

Taking quality and trust to the next level

The best agents approach the business by focusing on what matters most to their clients, tailoring advice accordingly to add value, and keeping the ultimate goal in mind. The ultimate goal is never a sale.  It is providing the best real estate guidance and deepening relationships.  After being exposed to transaction-focused salespeople, this is a refreshing perspective.